Hemland college has well structured administration body which consists of the Director, Principal, Deputy principal and committed tutors. Below are some encouraging messages from the co-principals:

Director’s Message

Welcome to Hemland College. Since 1994, we have been setting new standards of excellence in education. Today we are respected, world-wide leader in self-guided full time, part time and distance learning. We have combined our resources to bring you the finest, most comprehensive instruction in the most flexible way possible.

Hemland College offers a broader array of study options. More career-focused instruction, greater accessibility, closer student support, more affordable tuition with payment options. Overall, you can look forward to a first class educational experience that meets your highest expectations.

Principal’s Message

In pursuit of its vision, mission and mandate, Hemland College provides training programmes and development inter ilia other services. To effectively discharge its mandate, the college has professional and experienced lecturer who are regularly trained both locally and internationally.
The college has prepared adequately to undertake the increased mandate meant to address the challenges in respect of impating appropriate values, relevant skills, knowledge and proffessionalism.

The Deputy Principal’s Message

It is significant to note that successful institutions all over the world, large and small are focused on continual improvement and responsive to changing the livelihood of their clients, students or customers.
Systematic and timely performance of routine activities make Hemland College a place to be. It inculcates students confidence and satisfaction and hence enhances quality in delivery of knowledge.Long live Hemland College