Below are some of the courses offeres at Hemland college

Course DURATION FEES Exam Body Entry Grade
Dress Making (Grade III, II, I)12 Months18,000NITAOpen
Fashion Design & Garment Making Technology15 Months18,000KNECD+
Certificate in Business Management, Module I & II (KCSE D Plain)18 Months17,000ICMD
Diploma in Business Management, Module I, II & III (KCSE C-)3 Years17,000KNECC/Certificate in B/Admin
Certificate in Secretarial Studies, Module I & II (KCSE D Plain)18 Months17,000KNECD
Foreign Languages (French,Spanish and German)4 Months5,000 Per MonthAlliance FrancaisOpen Course
Front Office Operation and Administration18 Months17,000ICMKCSE Certificate
Certificate in Human Resource Management1 Year17,000ICMKCSE Certificate
Certificate in Purchasing and Supply1 Year17,000ICMKCSE Certificate
Certificate in Sales & Marketing18 Months17,000ICMKCSE Certificate
Certificate in Accounting & Finance1 Year17,000ICMKCSE Certificate
ATD LEVEL I, II & III6 Months17,000 Per LevelKASNEBC- (Minus)
CPA Section I-IV6 Months17,000 Per SectionKASNEBMean Grade C+, C+ in Maths & English
Certificate in Information Communication Technology2 Years17,000KNECD Plain
Diploma in Information Technology3 Years17,000KNECC- (Minus)
Diploma in Computer Engineering1 Year17,000City & GuildsC- (Minus)
Certificate in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Module I & II (KCSE D Plain)2 Years20,000KNECD Plain
Cosmetology Grade III, II & I1 Year18,000NITAOpen
Hairdressing Grade III, II & I1 Year18,000NITAOpen
Hair & Dressing6 Months4,000City & GuildsOpen
Beauty Therapy6 Months4,000City & GuildsOpen
Diploma in Hotel & Catering Management2 Years20,000ICMKCSE Certificate
Diploma in Food & Beverage , Module I, II & III (KCSE C-)3 Years25,000KNECC- (Minus)
Certificate in Food & Beverage, Module I & II (KCSE D+)2 Years25,000KNECD+ Plus
Diploma in Tours and Travel (KCSE) 2 Years20,000ICMKCSE Certificate
Diploma in Social Work and Community Development, Module I, II & III (KCSE C Plain)3 Years18,000KNECC Plain
Certificate in Social Work and Community Development, Module I & II (KCSE D Plain)2 Years18,000KNECD Plain