Hemland was established in 1994 as an Information Technology Institution. It is a respectable college which sees to it that students get quality training. Due to increase in demand for other courses, the institute expanded in 1998 to offer other courses.
The centre offers comprehensive studies and prepares students for external and internal examinations which are held regularly.
Our strategic plans are as below:

To produce excellent academicians with excellent skills ready to move the economy to higher leves.

Mission Statement
Hemland college provides comprehensive students-centred learning community for all who can benefit by offering innovative, instructional and student support programmes that responds to the education needs of our diverse community.

Hemland college strives to become a model of innovation and distinction in technical education, recognized as an outstanding gateway to rewarding careers.

Core Values

We value and encourage innovation,creativity and commitment in achieving and sustaining a quality and educational environment through continuous improvement.

We value mutual respect, honour the dignity of each individual and foster achieving ethical environment.

The institution encourages and motivates students, faculties and staff to identify and achieve the individual goals by providing instructions program services and processes.

We accept personal responsibility for our actions, exemplifying high ethical standards, always trying to improve our effectiveness.